luSCHOOL is one of our four main services and contains the complete training/teaching offerings from bluEDGE. Skilled coaches are teaching the respective content, always focusing on the practical side of it. Subject matters are always complemented by workshops and exercises to give valuable references to the practical side.

The training/teaching offerings are build up according to the enlisted schema below. The goal in each of these seminars is to bring your employees to a level of knowledge where they can understand and solve the different appearing problems within the service management environment. The two “Knowledge” courses (Basic- and Essential Knowledge) can give you an extensive but basic knowledge about service management and our methodology. The “Professional” courses are for advanced participants. All of them impart expert knowledge whereby each seminar has a focus on a specific topic. In addition, we are offering a small exam after these seminars to test your employees. Every employee successfully completing the exam will get a certificate proofing their knowledge and understanding of the respective subject.